Post-processing Workflow Infrastructure Integration for Healthcare IT administrators

Integrating an external post-processing analysis services provider into an existing network is challenging. But PIA has streamlined our processes to ensure smooth integration of our image post-processing analysis services with client networks. Our onboarding team works closely with client radiology and imaging center IT departments to harmonize our processes with their existing procedures and systems.

We work within your requirements to ensure that your imaging data and network remain secure. Your existing PACS and/or modalities are connected through a gateway to provide a secure encrypted connection to transfer imaging data and receive post-processing analysis and reports. The Gateway can be placed on an existing server within your network, or on a PIA-provided workstation, available for your team to configure or inspect.

PIA connects to the cloud through a secure Citrix NetScaler Gateway, through which our technologists access and process imaging data and reports. Customer data and backups are securely stored within the cloud on PIA’s protected platform. Remote cloud access via Citrix enables physicians to view studies sent to PIA, across multiple imaging post-processing software platforms, in order to review and edit the post processing results.

The majority of client IT teams we work with remark on the ease of our onboarding process. Contact us to learn more.


Reduces the number of software platforms supported by hospital and clinical IT Departments


CUstomer data and access to post-processing software platforms secured within an enterprise-level cloud platform


connecting existing pacs to a gateway ensures secure two-way transfer of imaging data and reports


Secure transfer and storage of imaging data, compliant with medical security requirements


COnfirmation of citrix server version compatibility and bandwidth verification/ configuration rounds out intial setup