Benefits of Outsourced image post-processing
analysis for radiology departments

Whether it’s vacation coverage, unexpected sick leave support or time-shifting of physicians and technologists to more productive activities, a remote image post-processing service functions as a radiology department extension, helping administrators to streamline workflow and improve operations.

PIA’s services removes the cost and complication of the medical image analysis software life-cycle, while enabling radiologists and technologists to access and interrogate the image data using the market leading imaging software of their choice — including: Terarecon, Medis, Circle, PIE, 3Mensio, NeoSoft, and more.

Remote post-processing analysis and reporting enables administrators to shift the focus of their radiologists and technologists towards the core business of treating patients, while the challenges and expenses of diagnostic image post-processing are handled efficiently and consistently by PIA.

Remote post-proccessing provides hospitals and clinics with standardized, reliable reports, as well as significant time and cost savings.

  • Shifts Staff’s Focus From Generating Basic Measurements to Patient care and scanner throughput

  • Send ct & mri studies directly from the modality and receive them back with appended reports — post-processed to your protocolsS

  • Provides department-wide access to post-processing analysis performed on multiple imaging software solutions

  • Improves throughput of reimbursable work with standardized measurements and analysis

  • Frees radiologists to spend more time with patient and diagnosis-centric activities

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